Job Reference
  Project YEAR Main Contractor
1. Quotation No. M-1160 of 1999
Special Room Block of ST. Stephen's
College at Stanley, H.K.
2000 A.S.D.
2. Quotation No. M-1143 of 1999
i) Farm Road Government Primary School
ii)Ma Tau Chung Fire Station
2000 A.S.D.
3. Quotation No. M-1175 of 1999
Salvation Army Ann Wyllie Memorial
Primary School at Heng Fa Chuen, H.K. 
2000 A.S.D.
4. Quotation No. M-1207 of 1999
Hung Hom Government Primary School
at Hung Hom, Kln.
2000 A.S.D.
5. Upper Wong Tai Sin Phase 4 2000 Treasure Const. Eng. Ltd.
6. Contract No. 160/ASC of 999
Kowloon City Police Station and
Kowloon West Regional Police
Headquarters at Kowloon City, Kln.
2000 A.S.D.
7. Residential Development of 5-7
Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley
2000 Hsin Chong Const. Co., Ltd.
8. Lei Yue Mun Phase 1 2000 Paul Y.-ITC Const. Ltd.
9. Redevelopment of Yau Tong Estate
Phase 3 (Carpark) 
2001 Shui On Bldg. Cont. Ltd.
10. Quotation No. M-1046 of 2001
The Roofs of The Lower Block of
Tung Tau Correctional Institution at
Stanley, Hong Kong
2001 A.S.D.
11. PSPS Development at Tsing King Road,
Tsing Yi, N.T. in TYTL 163
2001 China Resources Const. Co. Ltd.
12. Redevelopment of Yau Tong Estate
Phase 3 (Roofing)
2001 Shui On Bldg. Cont. Ltd.
13. Relocation of TSK Hopsital A & E
Department of Ruttonjee Hospital  
2001 Yau Lee Const. Co., Ltd.
14. Tin Shui Wai Area 101 Phase 2 2001 China State Const. Eng. Corp.
15. Lamma Power Station, Gas Trubine
GT5 and GT7 Conversion
2001 Paul Y. Const. Co., Ltd.
16. Cyberport 275KV Substation Building 2001 Paul Y. Const. Co., Ltd.
17. Remedial Works to Planter at 
Podium, Shek Lei Infill Site, 
Kwai Chung, N.T.
2001 Shui On Const. Co., Ltd.
18. Youth Centre at San Ping Circuit  2002 International Kum Fai Const. &
Area 33, Tuen Mun, N.T. Eng. Co., Ltd.
19. Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee
College, Class Room Block Roof 
2002 Chee Cheung Hing & Co., Ltd.
20. Repair Leakage at Toll Booths, 
Stonecutter Island Public Cargo 
Working Area
2002 Able Eng. Co., Ltd.
21. Engineering Building Complex Phase II 
at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2002 China State Const. Eng. Corp.
22. Tin Shui Wai Area 102 Phase 3 2002 Yau Lee Const. Co. Ltd.
23. Yan Chai Hospital Chiu Tsang Hok
Wan Primary School at Tsing Yi Estate
2002 Victory Targets Engineering Ltd.
24. 1 Peking Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon 2002 Gammon Const. Co., Ltd.
25. Substation Quarters at Victoria Gap,
The Peak, Hong Kong
2002 Kin Yip Eng. & Const. Co.
26. Variation Works to Footbridge at 
Upper Wong Tai Sin Estate Phase 4
2003 Dickson Const. Co., Ltd.
27. Kwai Chung Phase 4, Kwai Chung 2003 China State Const. Eng. Corp.
28. Student Quarters at The Chinese 
University of Hong Kong
2003 Realty Cheng & Partners Const. Ltd.
29. Fire Station With Ambulance Depot
and Police Post at Penny Bay, Lantau
2003 Gammon Skanska Ltd.
30. Redevelopment of Kwai Chung Estate
Phase 3 
2003 Yau Lee Const. Co., Ltd.
31. Redevelopment of Tai Wo Hau Estate
Phase 6
2003 Shui On Bldg. Cont. Ltd.
32. HKE Transformer Room at
Barker Road, Peak 
2003 Ying Fat Const. Co., Ltd.
33. Remedial Works to Waterproofing
Around Puddle Flange Pipe on Roof 
of Tower 2 and Tower 7, Cronin
Group, Shamshuipo
2003 Hong Kong Housing Socitey
34. Fire Services Upgrading at Ta Kwu
Ling Police Station
2004 Intelligent Projects Ltd.
35. Reprovisioning of Society of Boy's
Centres Shing Tak Centre School at
New Clear Water Bay Road, Kwun Tong   
2004 Wo Ming Eng. Ltd.
36. Sha Tin Government Secondary School,
Main Roof and Upper Roof
2004 Chee Cheung Hing & Co., Ltd.
37. Canteen Floor at New TVB City at
Tseung Kwan O
2004 Dragages et Travaux Public (HK) Ltd.
38. Wong Nei Chung Gap Substation on
I.L. RO 7971 Hong Kong
2004 Chung Chin Const. & Eng. Co., Ltd.
39. Church and Kindergarten at
Tong Yan Sun Chuen, Yuen Long  
2004 Fai Lung Trading Ltd.
40. Gough Hill Distribution Substation,
The Peak, Hong Kong
2004 Advance Eng. & Consultancy Ltd.
41. Lamma Power Station Extension
Unit 9 Civil and Building Work
2004 Paul Y. Const. Co., Ltd.
42. Renewal of Roof Coverings to United
Christian Hospital, Main Roof and 
Upper Roof of Block K & L
2005 Colour Butterfly Ltd.
43. Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien
Primary School, Roof of Hall
2005 Chee Cheung Hing & Co., Ltd.
44. Expansion and Modification Works at
Sha Tau Kok Control Point in 
Sha Tau Kok, N.T.
2005 Milestone Builder Eng. Ltd.
45. Re-roofing Works at Yuen Long Home
for The Aged Blind, Yuen Long
2005 Daniel Tong Chartered Architect &
Associates Ltd.
46. Refurbishment to Former Yamatei Cinema 2005 Goldfield N & W Const. Co., Ltd.
47. Land Tribunal Building at
Gascoigne Road 
2005 Hong Kong Const. Co., Ltd.
48. Shatin Area 4C & 38A Phases 1 & 2 2005 Nishimatsu Const. Co., Ltd.
49. Piling and Superstructure Works for
Tamar 275KV Substation Building 
Phase II
2005 Ray On Const. Co., Ltd.
50. No. 10 Lik Fung Path, Shatin 2006 Chee Cheung Hing & Co., Ltd.
51. Remedial Works to 6/F Roof at 
Shatin Government Secondary School
2006 Sun Fook Kong Joint Venture
52. Redevelopment of Shek Pai Wan
Estate Phase 2 
2006 Hansion Const. Co., Ltd.
53. Alteration Works at Baptist Lui Ming
Choi Primary School
2006 Baptist Lui Ming Choi
Primary School 
54. New Concrete Plinth at 2/F Roof, 
Ma On Shan Police Station,
Ma On Shan 
2006 A.S.D
55. 132/11 KV Zone Substation at
Chung Hom Kok
2006 L.P. Cont. & Const. Co., (H.K.) Ltd.
56. Façade Improvement Works for 
Pokfulam 132/11kV Zone Substation
2006 Goldfield N & W Cosnt. Co., Ltd.
57. 1/F Roof at Sai Wan Ho Substation 2006 Ray On Const. Co., Ltd.
58. The Rehabilitation of Lai Tak Tsuen
at Tai Hang  
2006 Shun Yip Const. Ltd.
59. Quotation Contract No. F010551
School Improvement Programme
Final Phase Package 1, Group 3
S339-St. Paul's Secondary School
Ventris Road, Happy Valley, H.K
2007 A.S.D.
60. Quotation Contract No.
Kowloon City Police Station 
2007 A.S.D.
61. Quotation No. BQ-00110-07-MR(056)
Major Repair Works 07/08 for
Wa Ying College
2007 A.S.D.
62. Mong Man Wai College, Kwun Tong 2007 A.S.D.
63. New Iron Ring at 2/F Podium Garden,
Heritage Museum, Tai Wai
2007 A.S.D.
64. Remedial Works to Joint Between Roof
Edge and Bridge at International Wetland
Park and Visitor Centre Phase 2 at
Tin Shui Wai
2007 Chevalier (Const.) Co., Ltd.
65. Lamma Power Station-Foundation and
Civil Works for Units 4 & 5 Retrofit of 
FGD Plant
2007 Kaden Const. Ltd.
66. Two Lift Tower at Hing Wai Housing,
Tai Hing Estate
2008 Shun Yip Const. Co., Ltd.
67. Remedial Works for CUHK EBII 2008 China State Const. Eng. Corp.
68. Improvement Works for Roofing
System of Staff-Quarter at Davis
Switching Station 
2008 Advance Eng. (Development) Ltd.
69. 大坑福群道4-5 號覺盧4/F B室 2008 Sun Kay Interior Decoration Ltd.
70. Remedial Works for King's Park
Recreation Complex, Male and Female
Changing Room & Disabled Toilet 
2008 A.S.D.
71. A Primary School at Hiu Kwong Street
Sau Mau Ping Kwun Tong
(Contract No. SSP302)
2008 China International Water &
Electric Corp.
72. Public Toilet at Ngong Ping Lantau 2009 Lee Wo Const. Eng. Ltd.
73. Civil & Building Works for Unit 2
Retrofit of FGD Plant and LMX
Demineralization Plant Unit 2, 4 & 5
for Lamma Power Station  
2009 Paul Y. Const. Co., Ltd.
74. Remedial Works for Roof of Lift Lobby
and Glass Canopy at Blocks 1,2, 3, & 4
Lai Tak Tsuen
2009 Tai Kong Const. (Int'l) Co., Ltd.
75. TWGHs Repair 'Works to TWGHs
Jockey Club Care & Attention Home
for The Elderly
2009 Hop Shing Const. Co., Ltd.
76. HAESL PHASE 5 Component Repair
2010 Great Wealthy Engineering Co. Ltd.
77. Superstruture Work for Ash Disposal
Control Room Extension -
Lamma Power Station
2010 Paul Y. Const. Co., Ltd.
78. Foundation & Superstructure Works of
Store Building at Lamma Power Station 
2010 Paul Y. Const. Co., Ltd.
79. CR Building, Phase 2 HAESL,
Tseung Kwan O 
2010 Wah Seng General Contractors Ltd.
80. Roof at Tseung Kwan O Police Station 2010 Quad-Tech Engineering (HK) Co., Ltd.
81. Ex-Cheung Sha Wan Police Quarters
Contract No. 20100004
2011 China State Const. Engrg. (HK) Ltd.
82. Sai Chuen Road Housing Development
Contract No. 20090113 
2011 Paul Y. General Contractors Ltd.
83. Block 17 Flat 28H Sceneway Garden
Lam Tin Kowloon
2011 Intact Interior Ltd.
84. Civil Works for LMX Phase II
Demineralization Plant and Miscellaneous
Improvement Work
Contract No. 10/802
2011 Paul Y. General Contractors Ltd.
85. SKH Calvary Church at No. 6 Shatin
Pass Road, Kowloon
2011 Manhing Engineering Co.
86. Trendy Centre, 682 Castle Peak Road
2011 Sui Kwan Construction Ltd.

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