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Our Company
Meridian Construction Company Ltd is an ISO-9001 certified company incorporated on 09 October 1981. We provide a service of superior waterproofing solutions to the Hong Kong and Macau construction markets through skilled staff, reputable suppliers and highly trained installers. We have an experience board of directors who have practical experience on the intstallation, manufacturing, specifications and sales of all of our waterproofing products and systems.

At Waterproofing Systems, we understand that one of the major challenges for designers, engineers and construction companies alike is to protect buildings from the damaging effects of water. Our philosophy recognizes that while waterproofing protection can be a relatively minor component of overall construction costs, it is a vital ingredient to successful project completion and determines the building's longevity.

Our Vision
Meridian Construction Company Ltd primary focus is to protect our customer's buildings from the damaging effects of water. Our aim is to provide competitive, value for money solutions without cutting corners, or compromising the technical integrity of the system. We offer a complete range of waterproofing membrane systems, backed up by professional service and sensible warranties.

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